How to use bleach and thickened bleach in cleaning?

How to use bleach and thickened bleach in cleaning?

Bleach/thickened bleach must only be used on white clothes. It will change the color of colored clothes. You should not pour bleach directly on laundry. Wash them with bleach after diluting in water.

Bleach/thickened bleach must not be used with other cleaning agents. For example hydrochloric acid, ammonia etc. When it is mixed with other cleaning agents, it may cause hazardous gas formation.

Bleach/thickened bleach may harm the surfaces of metal such as aluminum, iron, silver by reacting.

Bleach/thickened bleach may be used to remove bad odors. However, when you apply this, do not mix it with other cleaning agents.

Bleach/thickened bleach must be rinse with plenty of water after cleaning. Then you can continue to clean with other cleaning agents such as dish washing liquid.

Thickened bleach may be used in the cleaning of toilet, and bathroom by pouring on the surface. With its thickened structure, it will stay on surface and hygiene shall be provided after waiting for a time and wiping it with a brush.

You can use thickened bleach in the cleaning of chopping boards.

Usage instructions, the amount and surfaces are shown below.

Toilet cleaning: Spray ABC Bleach/Ultra Bleach in the toilet beginning from the upper section to lower section, wait 15 minutes and flush.

Bathroom cleaning: Pour ABC Bleach/Ultra Bleach on a cloth or a sponge by using gloves, then wipe the toilet and sink. Rinse the surface with plenty of water.

Chopping board: Pour ABC Bleach/Ultra Bleach on chopping board and rinse with plenty of water.

Floors and large surface cleaning: Add 4 lids (60 ml) of ABC Bleach/Ultra Bleach in 5 lt of water and wipe the surface.

Dish Washing Clothes / Sponge: Add 2 lids (30 ml) of ABC Bleach/Ultra Bleach in half bucket of water, keep the dish washing clothes and sponges in it for 45 minutes and rinse them.

Laundry Cleaning / Hand Wash: For spotless white in your laundry, add 2 lids (30 ml) of ABC Bleach/Ultra Bleach in 5 lt of water and keep your laundry in it for 45 minutes, then rinse them. If you will keep the laundry in it for a long time, decrease the application amount in half. Use 3 lids (45 ml) of it for thicker stains.

Laundry cleaning / In Washing Machines: After placing your white clothes in washing machine, add detergent on the main washing compartment in prewashing program and run the machine. When your machine begins to take water in it, add 1 tea cup (127,5 ml) ABC Bleach/Ultra Bleach to prewashing compartment.