About Us


The story of the ABC of Cleanliness from past to present

ABC Detergent was established in Osmaniye in 1972 as Başer Kimya with 100 percent domestic capital. At its establishment, the Company set out to produce chemical raw materials for domestic and international markets. The first detergent raw material was produced in 1974 at its facilities in Osmaniye’s Bahçe district. Following the decision to switch to branded product production, cream detergent production started at the end of 1970 and powder detergent production started in 1985. In 2008, the brand was acquired and became 100% domestic and nationalized. In 2010, the company name was changed to ABC Detergent.

ABC Detergent, as one of the most experienced and strongest cleaning products manufacturers both in Turkey and in the region, acts with the mission of protecting local and national values. Our unconditional customer satisfaction approach, human resources investments and corporate policies based on a total quality approach stand behind our rapid and steady growth. In order to maintain our position in the sector and take it further, we continuously monitor innovations and always apply these innovations to our processes and technologies.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To be one of the leading companies in home care and personal care markets and form competition via designing products that fits to market needs and customer expectations and sustain ABC Detergent as a profitable company that our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and consumers are proud of.


Our Vision

Be a leading home care & personal care company by creating trustworthy , innovative products to increase the life quality of our consumers, for a clean world.


Our Values

  • Reliable
  • Ethic
  • Loyal
  • Respectful
  • Devoted


Our Principles

  • We focus on customer and consumer.
  • We value the expertise.
  • It is important to us to enable the participation of employees.
  • The happiness and satisfaction of our shareholders are important to us.
  • We like to be competitive.


Our Success Factors

  • To be determined and deliberate
  • To be flexible
  • To be innovative
  • To seize the market opportunities
  • To form efficiency and speed on processes
  • To be sustainable


“In ABC Detergent, product and chemical raw material production is carried out in five separate production facilities established in an area of total 85.000 m² in Bahçe county of Osmaniye.”


Powder Detergent Production

In the production of powder detergent, “constant production process” is applied to provide system and process efficiency. In this system, solid and liquid raw materials are mixed in a agitation tank  where very fast chemical reactions occur and turn into a creamy solution. This solution is turned into base powder detergent by drying in an optimum heat in drying tower.

Perfume is added to this base detergent with raw materials that will increase cleaning performance with highly sensitive equipment, and the detergent is packaged. Each stage of our production is monitored by automation supported by computer.


Production of Chemical Semi-Finished Goods

In chemical semi-finished goods production facilities, the production of chemical raw materials which are used in both cleaning and personal care products is implemented. These productions are carried out with a full automation system just as the powder detergent production and in three separate facilities. Production is implemented in a completely closed system, untouched by human hands, for the purpose of keeping product quality and environment and work safety at maximum level.

Semi-finished goods manufactured in our facilities are sold to companies which carry out business in chemistry and textile sector as well as the usages in our own productions.


Liquid Group Productions

Liquid productions are implemented with “batch process”. Since different liquid products are manufactured in our facility, production tanks and filling machines in various type and qualities of are used. The water used in our products is extracted from approximate 110 meters of depth in the facility; demineralization is implemented on water after necessary filtration procedures, the foreign materials which are available in the water as ions are removed and microbiological purification is enabled by processing it from UV system. After ionization and microbiology tests, it is used in production.

Raw materials to be used to prepare our liquid products are given to formulation tanks with the right ratios and sequence in process flow diagrams. The sequence of raw materials and amount precision, suitable formulation tank and mixture speed choices are very important.  The entire process is monitored from a screen by operators.

Products prepared in formulation tanks are packaged in suitable filling machines. Liquid product filling procedures are carried out, untouched by human hands, in fully closed system and automatic or semiautomatic machines.


Cosmetics Production

The production is carried out in hygienic conditions in our two separate cosmetics productions facilities untouched by human hands in both formulation preparation and filling and packaging stages in closed system.

“Good Manufacturing Practices” are applied for cosmetic productions. In this procedure, it is determined that how all parameters affecting human health and product and production safety are controlled. The personnel who works in this department must be trained about “Good Manufacturing Practices”, beginning from the work clothes to standards on entry to production facility, and repeat these trainings periodically.


Bottle Production

Production is implemented in eight separate machine with over 100 molds, most of which designs belong to ABC Detergent. Almost all of the bottles we use are manufactured in this facility and some part of our production is sold to companies which use bottles.

In our bottle facility, granule raw material which we supplied from domestic and foreign suppliers is melted in suitable and optimum heat, and formed in molds and sent for filling procedure. The manufactured bottles pass automatically from “hole test device”, thus potential problem during filling and packaging stage is prevented. Durability test is applied on manufactured bottles, also their volumes, raw material distributions and basis weights are constantly controlled.

R&D and Quality

“The preliminary condition of being competitive, economic growth, and making these elements constant is possible with modern research and development activities.”

Our R&D studies for products and processes are summarized below:

  • New and Functional Product Development
  • New and Functional Package Development
  • Finding Alternative Raw Materials
  • Research and Application of New Processes To Increase Product Performance
  • Cost Reduction and Process Ability Boost
  • Product-Package Prototype Preparation
  • Product Package Pilot (Test) Production
  • Aging and Performance Tests
  • Product/Raw Material/Package Specifications
  • Bill of Material
  • Analysis Methods


R&D activities in ABC Detergent are applied not only on the designs of products and processes but also manpower management, sales and marketing, planning, distribution and cost-finance subjects. In our R&D studies for work and support processes, teams consisting of expert on related topics are established and basic researches and applied development studies are implemented to provide increase in efficiency, speed and competitiveness related to processes.


Occupational Health and Safety

“Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)” is a series o measures to be taken to form healthy and safe working environments and to prevent the workers incurring occupational accident and illness.”

In ABC Detergent, the main principle of OHS system is “Safety First”. The elements within this principle are determined as “Worker’s Health”, “Occupational Safety” and “Emergencies” (Fire, Earthquake, Flood etc.).

Our main goal in Worker’s Health is to prevent a potential negativity regarding the health of worker now and in the near future because of the progress of work, working conditions and used materials by creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Our goal in Occupational Safety is “0” work accident. To reach this goal, hazards in work and working environment are defined, the extent of the risk is foreseen for each hazard and the risk is taken under control according to its level.

Our principles in Emergencies is to determine the measures to be taken for not incurring situations like these and to minimize the losses when we experience them.

Message from Chairman

Welcome to ABC Detergent,

Our esteemed friend,
Our company, which will very soon celebrate its 50th anniversary, has been one of the leading leaders in cleaning products sector in our country since the day of its foundation by providing the most suitable product and service for the needs of our customers with its competitive style in house cleaning and personal care products. Our goal is to become a sustainable company for all of our shareholders and to provide safe and innovative solutions for a clean World by increasing the life quality of our consumers.

Our goal is to continue to carry out performance promises that we had made to our consumers in all our available categories and to strengthen our trademark with our innovative products and our connection to our consumers. Thus we aim to make ABC one of the Turkey’s proud trademarks by thriving together with our suppliers and distributors at home and in abroad.

In doing so, we will continue to be a trademark that is respectful to both society and environment and our employees who are our most valuable assets.

Eser Arıcı Kıroğlu
General Manager



Mehmet Celal ArtüzCEO
Eser Arıcı KıroğluGeneral Manager
Kılıç Ali KılıçVice General Manager
Engin BaltaSales Director
Esin DemirbaşHuman Resources and Administrative Affairs Director
Ebru Polat ÖzhelvacıFinance and Accounting Director
Barış SarıgülSupply Chain Director

Our Quality Policy

Our goal as a company is to provide the products with highest rate of efficacy to our customers by using our high technology and TS-EN ISO 9001 quality management systems with minimum cost.

To reach this goal, our company employs a continuous development model. With the awareness the fact that difference is created by our human resources, perpetual training and development of human resources are provided to reach success in the fast developing environmental conditions.

One of the most important elements of our quality policy is to make our suppliers a part of our quality system by implementing joint studies with them while improving our product quality.

Our principle is to act to protect human health and environment in all our activities. To act according to law, regulation, principle and ethical rules is natural result and requirement of our values.

While increasing the value provided to our business partners in all value chain, our total quality philosophy, good production rules and our innovation will light the way for us.

General Manager

Our ISO 27001 Policy

Our Esteemed Business Partners and Shareholders,

As ABC Detergent, we believe that the increase of administrative efficiency and strength is crucial in reaching our mission-vision and company strategic goals.

We adopt the procurement and sustainability of information security as a principle in supporting processes such as network and substructure, communication, software, information technology support services and all related business processes and human resources, accounting and finance processes creating the scope of BGYS that we provide to our business partners and shareholders.

As ABC Detergent our main goals in Information Security are as follows:

• To minimize the damage that can be experienced as being originated from information security by managing information security efficiently,

• To decrease the possibility of experiencing information security breach and to respond in coordination in case of such event,

• To prevent the interruptions which may be experienced in critical business processes, and, in the event of no prevention, to make it operate again within the aimed saving period,

• To make all business processes integrated, harmonious and balanced with each other,

• To comply with all legislation and contracts drawn up with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) related to information security,

• To provide the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our customers’ information assets within the scope of Information Security Management System,

• To protect our reputation and brand value in front of our employees, customers, suppliers and public,

• To make Information Security Management System to be improved continuously.