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SAITEX JOHANNESBURG Saitex, one of the biggest expositions of South Africa has taken place in Johannesburg between June 25th-27th, 2017. Our stand has attracted great attention in the exposition where leading companies of retail sector have participated.
ABC DETERGENT IN ETHIOPIA ABC Detergent within Turkish trade delegation established in order to create new business and investment opportunities for Ethiopia introduced its brand and products in Ethiopia on 23-24 March.
Human Resources

Human resources function carries out its tasks aiming to provide the employees with a working environment where they will be happy and efficient and consequently, to achieve employee satisfaction.

Our activities in this respect, are:


To base the company activities on certain systems and thus to have an organization effective and continuous.


To locate people that are competent and suitable to company culture and to place them in appropriate positions,

To follow the staff placement procedures and to assist the new employee to adapt the new working environment.


To develop the personnel salary scheme by conducting job assesments, market surveys and by monitoring employee performances.

Employee Records;

To keep and update the legal employee files.


To determine the training needs and to organize them in order for the employees to have the knowledge and skills required at their current positions and also to assist them adapt to their future positions.


To organize incentives and ways of communication to increase employee contribution and to help them be happy while at work.

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