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BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST Beautyworld Middle East fair gathering World’s leading companies in cosmetics sector will be held in Dubai this year between May 8-10. 1570 companies from 57 countries will be participating the fair. We, as ABC Detergent, will be participating to this fair second time with our home cleaning and personal care products.
ABC DETERGENT IN ETHIOPIA ABC Detergent within Turkish trade delegation established in order to create new business and investment opportunities for Ethiopia introduced its brand and products in Ethiopia on 23-24 March.

Board of Directors

Mustafa Başer Chairman
Hasan Başer Vice-Chairman
Mehmet Başer Member


Zeki Aykoler General Manager    
Eser Arıcı Kıroğlu Vice General Manager    
Kılıç Ali Kılıç Vice General Manager    
Hakan Hayırseven Finance and Accounting Director    
Esin Katı Human Resources Manager    
Mehmet Özer Sales Director    
Deniz Özyer Marketing Manager    


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