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SAITEX JOHANNESBURG Saitex, one of the biggest expositions of South Africa has taken place in Johannesburg between June 25th-27th, 2017. Our stand has attracted great attention in the exposition where leading companies of retail sector have participated.
ABC DETERGENT IN ETHIOPIA ABC Detergent within Turkish trade delegation established in order to create new business and investment opportunities for Ethiopia introduced its brand and products in Ethiopia on 23-24 March.
R&D and Quality

“The preliminary condition of being competitive, economic growth, and making these elements constant is possible with modern research and development activities.”

Our R&D studies for products and processes are summarized below:

  • New and Functional Product Development 
  • New and Functional Package Development
  • Finding Alternative Raw Materials 
  • Research and Application of New Processes To Increase Product Performance 
  • Cost Reduction and Process Ability Boost 
  • Product-Package Prototype Preparation
  • Product Package Pilot (Test) Production
  • Aging and Performance Tests
  • Product/Raw Material/Package Specifications
  • Bill of Material
  • Analysis Methods

R&D activities in ABC Detergent are applied not only on the designs of products and processes but also manpower management, sales and marketing, planning, distribution and cost-finance subjects. In our R&D studies for work and support processes, teams consisting of expert on related topics are established and basic researches and applied development studies are implemented to provide increase in efficiency, speed and competitiveness related to processes.

Occupational Health and Safety

“Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)” is a series o measures to be taken to form healthy and safe working environments and to prevent the workers incurring occupational accident and illness.”

In ABC Detergent, the main principle of OHS system is “Safety First”. The elements within this principle are determined as “Worker’s Health”, “Occupational Safety” and “Emergencies” (Fire, Earthquake, Flood etc.).

Our main goal in Worker’s Health is to prevent a potential negativity regarding the health of worker now and in the near future because of the progress of work, working conditions and used materials by creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Our goal in Occupational Safety is “0” work accident. To reach this goal, hazards in work and working environment are defined, the extent of the risk is foreseen for each hazard and the risk is taken under control according to its level.

Our principles in Emergencies is to determine the measures to be taken for not incurring situations like these and to minimize the losses when we experience them.


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